Thursday, February 28, 2008

Picture Time Again

This LO was made by my sister, Madi, who's FANTASTIC!!!

Kit by Free Digital Scrapbooking - Harvest Spice
WordArt by ME!

Kit by Raspberry Roads Designs - Clovis the Clown
WordArt by ME!

Kit by Free Digital Scrapbooking - Delight in Life
WordArt by ME!

My Friend Ran Over Herself

So today, my friend Jane (names changed to protect her dignity) called me and wanted to tell me about her "near death" experience. She was getting ready to go to the doctor for a physical (her kids were staying at a friends), started the van, and got out to do something. Somehow, the car was not in park, and started to roll. Their driveway was on a steep pitch. Luckily, the emergency brake was on, so it didn't roll fast.

She said her first instinct was to jump in front of the car and stop it. So she did. Once there, she decided that was a bad mistake. The van knocked her down, but was slowing. It mostly went on top of her, and stopped before totally squishing her. Somehow, she was able to get out from under it, run around to the door, get in, and put on the brake.

She quickly changed clothes (pants ripped and shirt all black from grease) and drove to the doctors appointment. During the physical, they noticed her back was COVERED in bruises. Oh that, she said. I ran over myself today. Nice one, Jane!

I'm so glad she was ok. Sounds to me like she had a guardian angel watching over her today for sure! And Jane. Next time your car gets away from you.....Don't jump out in front of it!!!

Austin James Moore

Kit by Happy Scrap - Petit Mec
WordArt by ME!

This would be my 1st cousin, once removed. He would be 2nd cousins to my kids. He is Austin James Moore, son of AJ and Chrissy. Congrats, you guys. What a cutie!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Slightly Used Pictures :)

Here's a pic of Jacob, and a pic of Maureen (Joy's daughter) and her fiance at the time, Jason. They were married in December!

Papers by Raspberry Roads Designs - Easy Rider
WordArt by ME!

Kit by Scrapbook Sylvie - Horizon
WordArt by ME!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tom and Mom

Kit by MJV - Summer Begins Mini Kit
WordArt by ME!

A New Pic of Captain America and I

OK, so I know this isn't the best picture of Captain America OR I, but hey, it's new. And yes, I'm wearing my apron. I LOVE my apron. I wear it almost all the time. Too bad they aren't in stye right now, or I TOTALLY be wearing mine to Wal-Mart!

Kit by Sara C - Dinner Party
WordArt by ME!


This has got to be one of the cutest pictures I've seen in a long time! Look how adorable she is!

Kit by Marie Stones of Free Digital Scrapbooking - Girly Girl
WordArt by ME!


OK, so Captain America was less than thrilled with this LayOut, but I thought it was awesome! Someone had requested a WordArt for a video game addict, and I thought this went perfectly! Who knew that I had the perfect pictures for a Layout!!!

Kit by VJS - Cherry Crushed Denim
WordArt by ME!

Monday, February 25, 2008

4 Things About Me

Four things about me that you may or may not have known in no particular order. The directions are at the end.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. High School: maid at a motel
2. College: dishwasher at the MTC for 1 day
3. After College: Mom to 5 kids
4. Currently: Mom to 5 kids, homeschool teacher to 3 kids, WordArt designer to whoever wants it

Four movies I would watch over and over:

3. Harry Potter
4. Ella Enchanted

Four places I have lived:

1. Joliet Illinois
2. Waverly Ohio
3. Portage Bay, Alaska
4. Coos Bay Oregon

Four TV Shows that I watch:

1. Doctor Who!!!!!!
2. Lost
3. Jericho
4. Heroes

Four places I have been:

1. Lincoln Nebraska
2. Fayetteville North Carolina
3. Dallas Texas
4. Boscobel Wisconsin

People who e-mail me and message (regularly):

1. Bethany, yes, i email myself, do you have a problem with that?
2. Madi
3. Mom
4. Captain America

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Pizza
2. Chocolate cake with ice cream
3. a good rare steak
4. chinese mexican food...can I pick both?

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Florence Oregon
2. Living in a bigger house that i owned, happy that we just sold our house in chicago.. yeah, wouldn't that be nice
3. at the park, on a sunny day, with my kids
4. in the pool with the kids in the summer

Four friends I think will respond:

1. Captain America
2. Madi
3. Carol
4. i'm not sending it to anyone else

Things I am looking forward to this year:

1. Visiting oregon
2. Doctor who season 4
3. selling my house
4. dinner - yes dinner. i like food!

More Fun Things

It was funny how many many choices I had to use for this page. We really are a crazy group!

You would thing that I posed for these pictures, just to make a page. Don't be fooled by appearances. I've had these pics for a while now. Yep, I like to make faces, and if I take a picture of myself making a face, then I can see it. Hmmm. I guess that would work in a mirror too. I guess I'm just strange! But hey, I make myself smile :)

Ha! I made both of these all by myself. I even filled the background color. Aren't I smart :)

Darn, another kit I don't know who made! I'm so sorry. It's really nice pretty paper, though. Whoever made it should give themselves a pat on the back!

WordArt by ME!

Kit by CMentz (didn't download with a TUO)
WordArt by ME!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This and That

I felt like I was putting a whole lot of "recycled" pictures on my blog lately, so here's a few fresh ones. Just a sampling of what we do during the day :)

Isn't she cute! New dress from grandma.

Hey, this is why I take the pictures!

Yeah, we have new WordArt!

Eme and Jimmy in their "fort". We've had a lot of that lately.

Pinewood Derby trophies.

Jenny at the Temple

OK, so I wanted a picture of Madi at the temple with Joe, but I would have had to get the disk, because they're not on my laptop, so I went with Jenny. Doesn't she look beautiful and happy! But it sure makes me feel old to know that I was her babysitter from the time she was really little!

Kit by Lori M. Designs - Feb 2008
WordArt by ME!

Two More Pages

I saw this quote, and knew that I needed to use it. I SO love embarrassing my kids. OK, so that's not my intent when I start out, but it sure is fun. I somewhat approach life with the thought, "would this make a good scrapbook page?" I know that's bad, but I'm just saying it how it is!

Kit by Becky Smith - Coffee Ritual
WordArt by ME!

Kit by MGL Scraps - Love Actually
Glitter Star by SugarPlum Paperie - Love Actually
WordArt by ME!


As I'm upstairs after church, relaxing, I hear the kids downstairs playing. Jacob is pretending to be a monster, and the other kids are harassing him. All in good fun.

Jacob: Grrrrrrr, I've got pantyhose.
Tom: What's pantyhose?
Jacob: Don't know, just sounds cool. Grrrrrr!

Funny boys.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Pages

Just so you all know, I did take new pictures tonight when we went "out on the town" - that means Wal-mart and Little Caesars. But, I was too lazy to go downstairs and get the camera. So, you'll have to make due with these old pictures, recycled into pretty pages. And, you'll get to see the WordArt that I'm posting tomorrow. Aren't you excited! No? Too bad :)

I always did like this picture of Joe and his dad. It's taken at Glenview Illinois in July. I think that was one of my favorite events. Maybe it was because it was our first event with the dining fly and the big tent. After sleeping in a Pup Tent, the A frame is SO MUCH BETTER!

Kit by Elisa's Bits - Vibrant Fun
WordArt by ME!

Girls Camp was a blast this past year. Sure, I'm not in Young Womens (RS chorister as the time), but I was happy to go. And, Captain America had vacation on the same week, so it worked out great. I really got to bond with the girls. But again, I'm so glad that I have boys!

Kit by MGL Scraps - Love Actually
WordArt by ME!

You know, for as messy as my house always is, it sure looks decent in pictures. I guess I don't pull the camera out often when it's totally trashed. Or, maybe it's creative photography. Anyway, I had a hard time coming up with a picture for this quote. This one is of Jimmy on the concrete floor at Chief Logan Scout Reservation, where we lived for 3 months after moving to Ohio. Anytime I start to feel cramped in our rental, I just think back to those 3 months, and start to feel instantly better!

Kit by some nice person who I no longer have their TOU for, and I apologize for that. When I first started Digiscrapping, I didn't know what the TOU was, so I got rid of them all. Now, I know what it is, and that it's important to keep them so you can credit the designer.

WordArt by ME!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Two New Layouts

Isn't Emeline so cute! Such a sweet little girl! And my boys....what can I say. I think I even encouraged that particular "romp" in the mud.!

I'm so sorry, but I don't know who made this wonderful kit. It has wonderful papers, and elements, and I don't know who to credit. The files were saved as ade-sc- with the name. I tried to google that, but it didn't work. If you happen to know, drop me a line. Sorry!

WordArt by ME!

Kit by Pure Scrap - Nature
WordArt by ME!

Eme and Grandma Lyn

Kit by Ellie Lash - Love Actually
WordArt by ME!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse of the Moon

This was pretty neat to watch. We caught it when it was almost all the way eclipsed. Very cool to see. I brought whatever kids were awake downstairs to see it. But it was so cold outside, we had to take a quick picture and run back inside! Crazy it was so clear that we saw the eclipse, and we woke up to snow the next morning. Now, it's a blizzard outside! Crazy weather.

Animator Vs. Animation

This was so funny. I laughed pretty good :)

Pinewood Derby 2008 in the REAL PACK

Yeah for my awesome boys who placed this year in the Pinewood derby! Jacob got 2nd, and Tom got 1st! Well done, boys :)

Duplicates from the OLD BLOG

Just in case you missed these on my old blog, here they are again. Too cute to miss :)

Kit by Raspberry Roads Design - Clovis the Clown
WordArt by ME

Kit by RC Mama
WordArt by Me

Paper by Pineapple Plantation Designs
WordArt by ME

Jacob's Persuasive Essay (I don't care if I spelled it wrong)

When you go on vacation, do you like to buy toys? That’s what we do when we go to my grandma Lyn’s house. We also eat out a lot. Plus, we get to see our family. That’s always enjoyable.

There are some downsides to it as well. Usually, we don’t see them until the afternoon. Also there are no games. Finally, it takes a long time to fly there.

Grandma Lyn also buys us toys. Sometimes she lets us have 20$. We can acquire anything that is 20$ or less. We can get some really decent stuff, like one time I got a computer game.

It’s really exquisite to eat out. Our favorite is the golden coral. We also eat at McDonalds. Burger king also isn’t a bad choice.

The main reason is we have the chance to see family. We live extremely far away, so we don’t see them a lot. Papa Steve is pleasant and it’s always good to be around amusing people. Nicky and I are good friends.

These are some reasons why this would make a good vacation. You get toys and eat out. Also you see family. You can see this is a good vacation.