Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here We Go!!!!

Oh yeah, and a side note. The previous post said that we were leaving on the 24th. Well, the army decided to give us a 4 day extension, so we could tie up things on our end, and have a little bit of an easier time with the move (which was very nice, I might add), but neglected to tell us this until MONDAY EVENING!!! Oops, kind of a big oversite - My mom already had her plane tickets, we had moved all the larger furniture out, and packed EVERYTHING! Oh well, this was our first test at being flexible. I hope we passed!!!

WE'RE FINALLY ON OUR TRIP!!! We left home today at about 6:00 pm, and headed up to Columbus! We're staying at the Holiday Inn by the airport, and seeing my hubby off to the military tomorrow morning. The truck is all packed, and our rental is all clean. Holy cow, it was a LONG day!

We went to Serpent Mounds today, and it was SO COOL! My hubby has had it on his "to see" list since he was 12! It was quite impressive :)

Then, after cleaning and packing, and finally making it to the hotel at 9:30, the kids got 15 minutes in the pool before it closed at 10:00 pm. It's now almost midnight, and I just wanted to post a quick picture of our rig before I go to bed. You'll like it, I'm sure!!! Just be glad you're not me - LMBO!!! Look how high our trailer is loaded! We shrink wrapped the load into the trailer, then used some kind of a tie down, then more shrink wrap, then a tarp, then more shrink wrap, then a cargo net, and a few bungies. It's not going ANYWHERE! It's rock solid :) Hehehehe.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moving Madness

Wow! We found out on the 15th that we were moving on the 24th. Not a lot of time to get things ready. I've been in TOTAL hustle mode the last few days, and sure hope I recover soon - LOL!

Yesterday, we rented a Uhall, and filled it with all the "big" stuff, and took it off to storage. Which, of course, left all the piddly stuff in the house. With no place to store it. My house it TRASHED! Hate that. We went to Sacrament today, then came home, and are driving 1/2 way to North Carolina to drop off Captain America's car with his parents (they're coming the other half). Not a great Sabath activity, but we don't really have any other day to do it.

Tomorrow, we're getting the brakes checked, and the oil changed on the truck (always a good thing to do before one drives 2500 miles). We're gonna load the trailer with stuff to take to Oregon, and get a dumpster for all the trash.

Tuesday, we're cleaning the rental house, and last minute details. It seems, though, that the kids follow along behind me making messes (I noticed that Jimmy found a purple marker and colored on my bedroom walls last night - nice). Ahhhhhh!

Wednesday, we drive up to Columbus, and get a hotel. Thursday morning, Captain America has to be a MEPS at 6:00 am (0600 hours - ha!), and find out if he's flying or driving. Then, we either say bye to him there, or we go to the airport and hang out till his flight leaves (there's a USO at the airport). Then, my mom flies in at about 3:00 pm, and we're driving out from there!

Wow, what a busy time. I sure hope I survive this move - it's kicking my butt - LOL!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oobleck - OOPS!!!

Have you ever played with OOBLECK? It's really kind of fun. It's a liquid and a solid at he same time. It's simply a mixture of corn starch and water. We added green food coloring. I'd recommend leaving that part out - LMBO! Look what it did to our hands!!!

I have more pics, but Tom's computer is being a big pain. I'll post them later :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Caeser?

See what Jimmy decided to do with my extra batting from Captain America's new Civil War quilt!!!

4th of July Party

Check out this MASSIVE slip and slide that was constructed for the kids and adventurous adults to play on. No mind the rain, it was still warm, and we needed the thing to be wet anyway! Look how much fun these kids (and Brother Tyre) had!!!

4th of July T-Shirts :)

So, what do ya think? These were made with my WordArt!!! I think they turned out pretty good!

No wordart for me :) lol!

Eme's was my favorite - although that pic of Jimmy was pretty cute too!

Jacob's Random Photography

Here's what you get when you give your old camera to your 10 year old son - lots of random pictures!!! Thanks so much, Jacob :)

Where The Crap Did These Come From? Ha!

So, when I went to download the pics from 4th of July, there were these Halloween pictures on my old camera - OOPS! Ha! Well, I guess 9 months later is better than never!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008