Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Army in my Fridge

So, since Captain America is gone, I figured that his birthday would pass mostly unnoticed. Then, I decided that it didn't have to be like that. So, Jimmy and I headed out to the store to buy a cake mix and some ice cream, and we're gonna have a b-day party for Captain America, even though he's not here. I printed out little pictures of him in his army gear, and we fake laminated them, and taped them to toothpicks. Then, I frosted the carrot cake cupcakes, and sprinkled green sprinkles on them. Add a little parsley to look like bushes (no bushes to spare in the desert), and Captain America's picture, and we have a BEAUTIFUL cupcake - hhehehe.

I have my own personal army in my fridge - ROFL!!!

Playgroup at Newman Park

See, Mom, I do update this blog occassionally :)

this was right before we left. How can you tell? Jim is putting his shoes back on - he's like his momma and only wears shoes when its required :)

run, Jim, run!

oops, extreme closeup - hehehe

what a gorgeous view, eh?

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!!

Today is my best friends birthday. The man I love. The man I married 12 years ago. Unfortunately, he's away at Army trainings, and can't be with me today. So, I made his this little music video, to try and share with him how much I love him. I hope you like it, sweetheart! I truly love you!!!

I hope your birthday is a great one :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twilight Parody by The Hillywood Show

Have you guys seen this yet??? OMGosh, it's so funny. I love how it turns into a musical in the middle. And how the girls all chase Edward near the end. Jacob got a kick out of Bella pushing Edward down in the baseball scene. hehehe.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Should Shower More Often.....

So, I showered today. Yeah, it's blog worthy to anyone who really knows me - ROFL! AND, I fixed my hair. See, the last couple of times I've showered, I just put my hair in a bandana. SO, I even fixed my hair. And, since it's getting longer, and really needs cut, I fixed it in a different way. I thought it was cute.

Well, when the kids came home, the looked at me like I was a stranger. Seriously. The big kids came up to me and wanted to touch it. OMGosh! I guess this is why we fix ourselves. So our kids recognize us - LMBO!

Then, the neighbor came to the door to invite Tom to a b-day party tomorrow. Good thing I showered. hehehe. And then another neighbor came over to get some boxes. She's been over a few days ago, and commented on my hair. "Was your hair longer before?". "Um, no, it was just in a bandana". ROFL!

So, note to self - shower more often!

See, I clean up nicely :)

Easter Bunny 2009

So when we were at Wal-Mart last Saturday, the Easter Bunny was there too. The Wal-Mart PHoto department was putting it on. They said that if we came back after 3, we could dig through a stack of photos, and look for our own. Well, we didn't get back till today, but their was still a HUGE stack of photos.

Poor little Joe didn't want ANYTHING to do with the bunny. Can't say that I blame the poor kid. Giant, freaky, talking rabbit? Yeah, I woudln't want to sit on it's lap either. He was so freaked out, he woudln't even go and get the candy from it. He made Jacob retrieve the snack - ROFL!!! Poor Joe :(

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our New House (again - hehehe)

I know, I know, we get new houses more often than anyone should be allowed to, but this one is SO cool! Definitely the best house we've lived in yet :)

Here's a view from upstairs. See how there's a false wall between the living room and the dining room. Nice for running laps. They haven't figured it out yet, but it's only a matter of time - LMBO!

The upstairs hallway. See the bars on the opening. I guess the army doesn't want anyone jumping - hehehe. This is taken from Jim/Joe's room, looking towards Jake/Tom's room. Bathroom and closet and stairwell off to the left.

My kitchen,

Nice, brand new appliances, and TONS of cabinets. Gotta LOVE that :)

I think the fridge was the kids' favorite part. It has an ice machine and water. They were in HEAVEN!!!

This is the view from my bedroom, looking out through the dining room, and on to the kitchen . To the left is the fake wall and then the living room, and to the right is the backyard.

Standing in the living room - laundry room/garage on the left, then the stairs, then the closet under the stairs, then the "too big for a closet too small for a room" thing.

View from the "too small for a....." place. Starting at the right, the window, the front door, Eme's room, the bathroom, a coat closet.

The living room, from the stair well. From the left, the dining room, the computer nook, the bathroom, Eme's room ,and the Front door.

Coming in from the garage/laundry room, you pass the stairwell, come to the closet under the stairs, the "too big...." door, then on to the kitchen/dining room. Off to the right is the living room.

Living room, view from the laundry room door

My garage, complete with openers. How AWESOME is that :) hehehe

My kids on Easter Bunny Morning (not to be confused with Easter morning- EB morning is on Saturday, Easter morning is on Sunday :)

Joe was SO funny. He didn't want the big chocolate bunny, so he gave it to Jacob. He didn't want the Winnie the Pooh toys, so he gave that to Joe. He ate one peep, and thought they were gross, so he gave it to Tom. He kept the M&M's and the gummy candies. I guess we all know why Joe is the skinny one :)

Not quite sure why Tom looks like he has bunny teeth, but isn't it funny - LOL!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Agent of Satan???

This layout is by my CT girl, Minna - doesn't she do FABULOUS work???

Civil War Weekend in Livingston, TX

Here's Tom and I

Tom and Eme

Eme and Tom playing checkers

The Harty Kids




Jacob and Tom (Don't you like our water bottle - hehehe )

Eme and I

Sweet Emeline

Joe, Eme, and Tom playing checkers

Captain America over the fire

Tom and Jim watching the battle


Tom watching Ryen and Captain America packing their pistols.

Joe with the binoculars


Jim with flowers and a cracker (hehehe)

Jacob stoking the fire

The whole Harty gang


After the battle, the kids went to the medical demonstration. The guy gave the kids "fake wounds", and here are the kids pretending to clean them out. It's not coming off so easy. Give it a week, and they'll be "healed". Ha! These are the bowls that we washed dishes in. We boil water in big galvenized buckets, then pour it into 3 separate metal bowls. One with soapy water, one with bleach water, and one with rinse water. The kids were GREAT help with dishes this reenactment.

While waiting for the battle to start, and while I was cooking food, Jimmy kept trying to play with a dog in camp. The dogs job was to guard one of the guys tent. Jacob kept telling Jimmy to leave the dog alone, but Jim was persistant. Well, the dog took his guard dog duties serious, and nipped at Jimmy. He caught him on the eye. It didn't really bleed, but it scared him pretty bad. I'll tell you this much, he's not gonna mess with dogs anymore :) Some lessons are harder to learn than others....

Captain America and Jimmy taking a nap in our tent

Tom with the binoculars