Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Since I didn't get any pics myself, I thought I'd scrap some that my mom/sister took :) These were from Mother's Day weekend. Aren't they cute!

Kit - Megan Turnridge - SYTYCD Week 2 (365 Kit)
WordArt - Elegant WordArt by Bethany Freebie

Friday, May 8, 2009

Harty Happenings

OK, first off, I have to post some more pictures. My mom's gonna think I've been a bad daughter if I don't update her on her grandchildren - LOL! Here's what we've been up to the past few day :)

Tom reading a book on the couch (I know, I know, don't let all of the excitement overcome you!)

Eme and Jim in the pool - it was about 95 degrees this day :) I think this was on Wednesday.

Joe's never been big on water. He'd much rather play on the "beach". hehehe.

Jim and Eme jumping in the water. You go, you guys!

Jacob played long enough to get wet and cooled off, then back inside for his computer time. He watched the Gollum movie and LOVED it too :) Just like his mommy :)
Yesterday we went to "game group" (yeah, I can't remember what they call it) at my friend Laurie's house. We played a game called "Go Goddess". Kinda weird, but we learned a lot about each other. It asked deep questions about yourself. Really made you think. But you know what, that's not a bad thing. It's a good way to get to "know" a person. More than just the "top layer" of the person, know what I mean? Jimmy had a fun time playing there too :)

Boy was it hot yesterday. I almost didn't make it from my house to Laurie's house (yeah, like 3 blocks away). We have no A/C in the truck - dang! It was 99 degrees outside. I must say, 99 degrees in the desert is MUCH better than 99 degrees in the midwest. I wasn't sweating. I could still breathe - LOL! BUT, it was still hot. Kinda like standing too close to a campfire.

I felt like cleaning, for some reason, when I got home from my friends' house. I know, SO not like me. But, I did the dishes, cleaned the dining room, cleared off the counters, and started to gather the mess in the living room when the kids came home. And my POOR kids looked miserable when they walked in the door. Jacob practically collapsed on the couch. They'd been walking for 15 minutes.

Well, I knew how to fix that. I made them go change their clothes, and put on shorts and a teeshrit. Then, we headed off to the grassy field by our house. The sprinklers were on, and the kids had a BLAST running through them. I snapped a few pics on my phone, but don't have a clue how to get them to my computer - LOL :) Anyway, it was very refreshing in the sprinklers. I don't know if it's against the rules or anything, but until someone tells us to stop, we'll probably be making frequent trips to the grassy field :)

Last night was the Mother/Son dance at the Elementary school. We really had a blast. Little boys are SO funny :) Here's some pics of us getting ready -

Tom and I

Joe and I (Joe has the most GORGEOUS eyes, don't you think?)

Jacob took a pic of us before we left. He stayed and watched Eme and Jim.

Me taking a pic of us at the dance

The lady sitting next to us volunteered to take our picture - that was sure nice. So, I took a pic of her and her boy too :) Us mom's gotta stick together :)

Laurie and her boy, and Andrea (from down the street) and her 2 boys hung out with us. Also, my neighbor (who we share the driveway) hung out with us too. The Moms had fun chatting, and the boys had fun, um, dancing? running? whatever it is that boys do at a dance - LOL! There was a lot of laying on the floor and spinning (I think it was supposed to be break dancing - hehehe)

Joe was just MORTIFIED that he had to come to a dance. He BEGGED me to leave him home, but I told him he could just come and hang out. That seemed to make him happy. Well, near the end of the dance, I noticed him and Tom actually DANCING. I snapped a few pictures.

See Joe busting a move

There he is again.

Um, yeah, no so much dancing as fighting - LOL! About this time, he wandered over and said that the kid was trying to get him. hehehe. I told him to dance somewhere else. I WASN'T DANCING was his reply. Yeah right! I have proof - LOL!

Here's my neighbr and her son, Noah, dancing

And here's Andrea and her son dancing.

Really, it was a GREAT time. I'm glad that I went. The Vice Principal told us that they wanted to do a family dance near th end of the school year. Woohoo!!! I'm all over that. Hopefully they'll do it after Captain America gets home, and we'll all be able to go as a family. I bet Jimmy would LOVE dancing - hehehehe.