Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eme's New Barbie

Here's Eme with her new Barbie from Grandma Ida. Grandma Ida said it looked like Jezebell Barbie - ROFL! Too funny. Eme sure liked it! She felt SO special!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

El Paso Rodeo

Captain America and Jimmy

Joe, Jim, and Captain America. I don't know why the kids are being so serious. Really, they had fun.

The Reays (Andrea) came and sat right behind us. Here's Tom and Sam and Ben. Aren't they cute!

Captain America and I. See, my hair is super short.

I promise. They liked it. Don't know why everyone looks like they're at a funeral or something.

Tom and baby Luke

Brent and I again

So, after the calf roping and barrel racing and horse riding and bull riding, they had these dirt bikes come out, with giant ramps. It was the coolest thing ever. I think I liked it better than the actual rodeo - hehehe. I got a few pics with my cell phone, then realized that there was a movie option. Who knew? hehehe. Pretty cool, eh?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jacob's 12th Birthday Party

Here's a few pics from the party Jimmy went to on Saturday. See him there on the end in the yellow. He looks SO happy.

Until he threw down his bag and announced "I QUIT". Nice.

And decided to ride the bouncy horse the rest of the time we were oustide.

Wow, what a long and exhausing Monday I had! I was up before my alarm went off this morning. Well, not much, but still. Every 4 minutes counts. I was out of bed at 7am, getting kids ready for school. I managed to get them out the door at 7:35am (5 minutes late, but they'd make it). Next, I situated Jake with his History, then Jim and I headed out the door the Commissary. We needed Hot Dogs for the party, Ice cream for the "after" party, pineapple for me (woohoo!!!), and laundry detergent (I was on my last pair of underclothes and we were out of laundry soap!). I hurried home, set Jim up with a movie, helped Jake switch subjects, and baked cupcakes. Strawberry (sounds better than pink) with white frosting. Dang, they smelled good.

Jim had a lot of fun helping me with the cupcakes. He SO wanted to lick everything. hehehe. After the cupcakes were all done, I left Jim with Jake and headed off to Legal Aid. Captain America's cashing out his old retirement accounts (not very big), and I needed to get my signature on it Notarized. The army offeres that servies free for it's soldiers/families. So, I waited in line for about 15 minutes, got it signed, and was on my way home.

We made Steak for lunch. I'd bought it at the commissary for Jake. It's his favorite. Instead of my normal cheese and cucumbers, I had a stir fry, and got to put pineapple in it. DIVINE!!! It was SO good :)

Next, I helped Jake with his pendulum lab. It was pretty fun. And, his Lap Report looked nice! I forgot that I was supposed to put my "Summer Rewind" items on sale the night before, so spent part of the afternoon doing that.

I went to pick up the kids from school at 3pm, and had them home by 3:40. Yeah, it takes a long time to pick them up. Tom wanted to walk, and got home only 5 minutes after I did. I guess that's why I make them walk most of the time.

I got home, and started cooking the hot dogs. I grilled 1/2 and boiled 1/2. Who knew that boiled hot dogs will stay hotter longer? Well, they do. If you need to pre-cook hot dogs and take them someplace, boil them, then put them in a ziplock bag, then wrap them in a few dish towels, then place them in a cooler. They'll be SUPER hot.

We left for the party at about 4:15pm. Party started at 4:30. When we got to the pool, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. There were a few other people there, must mostly us.

Since none of our friends had shown up yet, I decided to take a few minutes and take some pictures. Here's Jimmy

Tom, Eme, and Jacob

And our friend, Mr. Buttcrack. He was here ALL party long :)

Look how big Jake is!

Happy Tom :)

It was really sunny, but Joe's doing his best to pose for my photo op!

Jake even took a pic of me!

A happy Joe face

And a crazy/funny/demented Joe face (my favorite kind - it makes his eyes extra sparkle!)

And 4 of my kids, playing nicely in the baby pool during pool break.

Mr. Buttcrack again!

Pull up your shorts!!!

Our first friends showed up at almost 5pm. My kids were starting to panic, because no one was there yet. Check out Jake's sad face because no one came to his party..... poor guy!

And his happy face when Ayden and his family showed up!

They were SO excited when the Huezo's showed. And a few mintues after that, the Timmons (Laurie) came. It was a nice party. We swam (well, they did), ate hot dogs and pretzels, and drank lemonade and water.

Jake opened his presents, and everyone had TONS of cupcakes. Between the 3 families, there were 6 grown ups and 14 kids. That's a HUGE b-day party - hehehe. I think Jacob had a lot of fun. All total (grandmas, family, friends), he ended up with $60. He's wanting to buy a different gaming system, but it having a hard time keeping his money. It seems to burn a hole in his pocket - hehehe. Silly kid!

We headed home at around 7pm, and my family had the "after" birthday party party. They ate Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie ice cream. Dryers, none the less. Sigh. I sang Happy Birthday to Jake then quickly retreated to my room. I let Captain America handle the ice cream. I don't think I could do that kind of temptation. And no cheats for me!