Thursday, March 19, 2009

Agent of Satan

Joe LOVES to make this face when I'm taking pictures, and I thought it went with the Wordart SOOOO well - Thanks, Joe - you're awesome!!!

WordArt by Me - coming soon to Scraporchard
"Oh No You Didn't" by Krystal Hartley (papers, flower, buttons, paper elements)
"Teen Angst" by Sherriejd (flame heart, firey skull)
"Vintage Charm" by Matahati Design and True Faith (Greenery)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ADA museum

OK, Mom, as promised, here are a few of the pictures from our trip to the ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Museum. We really did have a fun time going there. This was our activity as a family on Monday afternoon. We learned a lot, and saw some pretty cool stuff :)

Here's Captain America and the gang next to the row of flags when you first come into the museum.

And my gang by the cannon.

Checking out some cool artifacts.

The gang by a Skud missle (don't hold me to that, though - I can't keep my names straight!)

Eme and I have the same color eyes :)

Some nice outside shots. It was SO SO SO sunny that day, I was surprised they turned out so good - I couldn't even see what I was doing on the camera's view finder - ha!

By the tank

Awe, aren't we cute!

OK, and if you stand near a tank, and don't try this, you're just not living - LMBO! "Ahhhhh! Don't run over me!"

Captain America took it one step further.

And Jacob took it one step further from that - hehehehe.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Week in the Life...

So first, on the way to church last Sunday for Stake Conference (30 minutes away or so), I saw the COOLEST thing ever. A Wal-Mart, that was only the grocery store part. WHO KNEW??? What a brilliant idea - hehehe. Miracles will never cease!

Here's me in the truck on the way to (or from, can't remember) church.

Here's our Stake Center, Mom. Isn't it pretty!

Here's some scenery pics from the way back home.

This is the view from the road the church sits on.

The view of the city from the Franklin Mountains.

Then, we drove up to Wiler Tramway, where Captain America had a morning PT one day. It was seriously, like STRAIGHT up in the air. Well, not really, because we drove up it, but it was pretty steep. You'll have to take my word for it :) Here's the view from the top parking lot.

And here's the tram. Captain America said he wanted to take me on it for a date, and I was like "there's no way in heck you'll get me in that death trap". Not my idea of a romantic date. More like torture. Ha! A case for knowing your audience - hehehe.

Ok, fast forward to Wednesday. Here's pictures from the Blue and Gold banquet. You remember, the one that was at 6:30, but we thought it was at 7:00. Yeah, that one. Here's the entertainment. It was pretty cool, I must say. They had a group who did Indian dancing come and perform. Here's the singers.

And the dancers. Jim and Eme are in this picture, having the Indian dancers teach them a dance.

And Tom is on the other side.

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon. Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to El Taco Tote and the Boy Scout shop between his morning and afternoon check-in. It was pretty fun. I LOVE the guacamole salsa they have there. And I hate avacados. Go figure on that one :) It's perfect for dipping chips and cucumbers :) Here's Captain America and Jim. Jim was TOTALLY loaded up on sugar. we'd gone to the doctor in the morning, and he'd gotten a big tootsie roll from the nurse. Then, at Captain America's Battery officer, one of the SGT's gave him a GIANT chocolate cookie. Then, at the Scout office, he got MORE chocolate. He was literally bouncing off the walls. Poor kid :) Yep, here he is sucking down some orange soda. Luckily I realized what I'd done and re-filled it with some light lemonade. Much better. ha!
And, here's me.

And, skip ahead to Friday. Here's me, after my attempted Well Woman's visit (who knew that if "Johnny" was visiting, you coudln't get a PAP)(rescheduled for Tuesday), Captain America, Jimmy, and I went to the commisary. We had to get some crackers and some more apples.

See, Mom, that's the commisary :)

Then, at 7pm, we loaded up in the truck and headed downtown to the El Paso Rhino's Hockey game. Woohoo!!! Did you know that military families get in FOR FREE!!! Talk about a deal! We just had to show current Military ID's. SWEET! We might be going more often. Here's the kids and Captain America standing in front of the Rhino statue in front of the stadium.

And Captain America and I (aren't we cute together!)

And me again :)

And the game :)

During one of the breaks, they had this fancy car drive out from a local car dealership. People were able to purchase pucks, and throw them out onto the ice, trying to make it into the sun room. If you made it in, you got $5000. Sound do-able, right? Long shot, but do-able.

Check out the hole they expected you to get it into. I don't think people knew it was like that! Dang!And, the Zamboni, our personal favorite :) hehehe. We were sitting RIGHT next to where it was parked. We were on a set of bleachers behind the goal line. Good seats, but I swear those bleachers weren't hooked down, and I just KNEW that they were gonna tip over backwards. We were all sitting on the top, and it could feel it every time someone shifted weight. Captain America assured me we were save, and that it wasn't gonna tip over, but I worried about it the whole time - pathetic, I know. But, I'm happy to report that it did NOT tip over - ha!

Me and my kiddos at the hockey game :)

We got them popcorn at one point, and they sat quietly for about 10 minutes. We should have thought of that LONG ago - hehehe.

As the night wore on, we started looking for other things to entertain the kids. Here's some FUN pics of us. Jimmy and me :)

This one was HILARIOUS! Tom wanted a silly picutre, so he tucked his head inside his vest. Well, it looks like Jacob has a shrunken head on Tom's boday. Ha!Joe Joe has the most GORGEOUS eyes ever!

Here they are again. Dang, boy! You've got some killer eyes :)

And, about 20 minutes before we left, both Jim and Joe fell asleep. Here's me holding Jimmy.

And check this out. Several of my kids do this. Sleep with their eyes part way open. It's so NASTY! hehehe. He's dead asleep here, but his eyes just won't stay shut. I kept closing them, and they'd pop back open again - LMBO!!!

So, Mom, there's some pictures from my week. We've been having a TON of fun, and I even remembered my camera (see, Cheri, I do bring it SOMETIMES!)