Thursday, April 22, 2010

Captain America's 38th Birthday Party

So I didn't have candles, so I put wooden matches in the birthday cake. Yeah, silly, but it's the idea that counts - ha!
My sweetheart on his birthday :)
Jim and Captain America
Captain America and Eme
Tom and Captain America
Jacob and Captain America
Joe and Captain America
Captain America and I. Yeah, I totally should have put on makeup today - hehe
Captain America got a metric ratchet set from me :)

A drawn picture from Eme
A drawn Car from Tom
A Cowboy hat from the family
And this book from my mom. OMGosh, he was SO excited about it. Seriously. He said that it was on the top 10 list of things that he wanted to own in his lifetime. Wow! SO, mom, you did GOOD! He really liked it :) hehehe.

Here's a pic of him out by his flags. See, not bad for turning 38 today, eh? Still looks young to me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rifle

The Rifle
by Jacob Harty
(based on the book, The Rifle, by Gary Paulsen)

The beautiful rifle
Made with such care
The cursed rifle
Made for doom and despair
Sold to a man
A hunter he said
Joined a war with his gun
Fought hard and long, but in the end he was dead
Took the rifle she did
Stored it in her attic
Little did she know
It would do something quite dramatic
It waited all those years
Waited to get out
Sold to a man, and on Christmas the unfired round killed the next neighbor
That boy died without a shout

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easters

OK, these pics are mostly for my mom. I know she thinks I'm a bad blogger, because I NEVER put pics on here :) Ok, so never is a strong work. I put a lot of stories, and words, but tend to leave out the photos. Well, I was taking them.... some. hehehe.

SO, here goes...

Joe at Scouts - LOVE the eyes

JOe and I at the Pinewood Derby

Eme at the Pinewood Derby. She's getting so old...

Jim & I at the Pinewood Derby

Joe's crappy car. Sorry, Joe. It was an "out of the box" kinda car. As in, take it out of the box, slap on some wheels, and a sticker, glue a few pennies on the end.....

Tom in his Football Game Jersey

Uh, yeah, a kid took that of me. hehehe

Here's my "Anti School Picture" day photo - hehehe

Joe - Kindergarten

Thomas - 4th Grade

James (um, yeah, not in school yet...)

Eme - 2nd Grade

I think Jake was still in bed when we were taking those...

Captain America and I right before the Ball

Eme with her 1st place medal after BTN Organizational Day

Jacob with his face painting


Captain America got a scratch on his nose playing football. Poor thing :)

If I'm bored, one of my favorite pasttimes is taking weird photos of myself..... OK, so you know I'm weird now....

Easter Baskets for the Kids. Easter Bunny comes on Saturday Morning at our house

Me on Easter afternoon, right before Dinner at our friends' house

SO, since I was having WAY too much fun, I involved the whole family :)

Joe and I

Jake & I

Eme and I

Tom didn't wanna play...

Captain America and I

Jim & I

Group shot!

Right before the egg hunt. I hid 160 plastic eggs in the backyard.

And back to the random weird faces again...