Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War of the Ancients by Jacob Harty

War Of The Ancients

General Antium was a tall man, with graying hair and a look of total confidence. He was currently in the war room with his right hand man Secroti, who was a short man who was terribly skinny. The general had finally found out how to break the enemy’s best defense. This defense was the great wall of Brator that went around the entire empire of the Crigati, enemy of the Frigor to witch Antium belonged.

General Antium was preparing to make the final blow upon the empire he was at war with. He had finally found a weakness in their great wall. “I found the one weak spot where the stones are wearing away. 100 barrels of that explosive stuff you made should create a hole big enough for our entire army walk into their front door, or at least the front door we made.”

“You know Antium, I made a name for the “explosive stuff”. It’s called malaver and I would appreciate it if used the name I named it.” Secroti said irritably.

“Well then let me rephrase my last sentence then. 100 barrels of that malaver stuff. Satisfied now?” said Antium.

Everything was in position for the attack. The malaver was set up all along the wall in the dead of night. All Antium had to do was give the word and the great wall of Brator that had withstood numerous sieges would fall in one glorious minute. “General, we are in position and await your command.” a corporal said. “Well then corporal, let’s light this candle.” said Antium.

General Blood knuckle of the Crigati was a burly man. He towered above all of his men and there was a general feeling of fear everywhere he went. This was partially because of his size, but the main reason was because of what he did to earn his name. He earned his name by killing a dragon with his bare hands.

Blood knuckles looked over the wall of Brator and laughed. “You’re going to have to do better than that Antium. Come back with about 300 siege engines and you might make a dent in the wall.” called Blood knuckles.

“I don’t need siege engines anymore, I got this.” said Antium. He then filled a pouch full of malaver and threw it into the air. An archer with an arrow that was on fire shot the bag and it exploded. The smug smile on the general’s face disappeared.

“If you look closely you can see that substance on the wall directly where you are standing. If I were you I would get very far away from where you are standing.”

“YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IDIOTS!” screamed blood knuckles. Antium was surprised by this remark by blood knuckles. No matter how surprised he was he had to complete his mission had just given the signal to light the malaver. Antium was sure his enemy was finished, but then blood knuckles jumped off the 300 foot wall. Then he caught fire and erupted in a great ball of fire that was headed for the backup supply of malaver.

“RUN! THE MALAVER IS GOING TO IGNITE!” bellowed Antium. Most of his men were fortunate enough to get to cover, but the slower men were not. As the fire ball hit the ground a deafening explosion occurs. As Antium looks up he sees the burning church as a giant shadowy figure steps out of the flames, cloaked by smoke. “What are you? Show yourself!” demands Antium.

The smoke is blow away by the wind, revealing a giant black dragon, whose black eyes gave off an eerie black glow. “I am Nihilus, the most powerful dragon ever to walk this earth, full of puny men.” said Nihilus. “Nihilus was the name of the dragon blood knuckles slayed” said Antium. “That is what I wanted you to think. Blood knuckles is still alive but only just. He thought he could slay me. I have imprisoned him in an unbreakable cage, in the center of a burning planet frozen in a second of time so that he may burn forever for his insolence.” said Nihilus

“You assumed his shape and took over the empire. Why?” asked Antium. “I wanted to rule this planet. If I were to do this in my real form, the damage inflicted upon the planet would kill it. I want to rule it not destroy it. In this for I can accomplish this.” explained Nihilus. “I cannot allow you to do this. Surrender or die.” commanded the general.

“I pick the third option, DIIIIEEEEE!!!” growled Nihilus. “I figured you might say that so….”Antium said. After he was done talking he hurled a bag full of malaver into the dragon’s throat precisely as the flames were coming out of its stomach. This action cased the dragon to internally explode in a big fiery explosion. Nihilus, the feared dragon was dead.


Shortly after the battle Antium sent out a flag of peace. The Crigati accepted his sign of peace. The spent the rest of the week negotiating the terms of peace. Antium had finally seen it was not the Crigati that he was posing war with, but Nihilus and his corrupt empire. After he realized this, he saw no need to make war with the once peaceful Crigati. After the treaty was made and signed, there was much rejoicing and celebrating. The day that Nihilus was slain, marked the day that 2 nations came together. In honor of this, a holiday was made for this glad day. There was 6,000 years of uninterrupted peace among the 2 nations, until history took its course once more and war was made.


More of Mom's Special Moments said...

GREAT JOB JAKE!! That was amazing. . you are amazing!! WOW. . again. . WOW

Brent said...

Very nice Jake! I enjoyed reading your story. Love Dad

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