Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Madagascar, From Jim

Well, I survived the day! And it wasn't too bad. Of course, now tomorrow's gonna be HORRIBLE because I said that, right? hehe. Knock on wood, real fast!

Last night, I tried to watch a movie, but wasn't really into it. At 10pm, I took a sleeping pill, and fell asleep on the couch watching the movie. And went to bed at 11pm. I slept on Captain Americas side of the bed, and only woke up a few times confused - hehe. I woke up with my alarm at 7:30am, and checked on the kids.

Jake and Tom were up and showered, and Jake was getting ready to take the dog on a walk. Eme and Joe and Jim were awake, and I sent Eme to the shower. The little boys were eating Breakfast.

And I decided that I didn't wanna shower. My make up was passable from yesterday, and my hair too. And I was afraid to shower, for fear I would cry. Because historically, the shower is where I cry. It washes away all the tears, and doesn't leave your face red - hehe. Sad that I know that, right? LOL!

Anyway, I pulled my hair back, and decided to leave on my glasses. And picked out a long black skirt, and a long sleeve white/black shirt. And my fuzzy black boot/slippers. Yeah, I was being a rebel today. If I had to go to church without my husband and best friend, I was gonna be compfy! LOL!

And when I came out of my room from getting ready, there was screaming and fighting. Sigh. Jake had somehow gotten Tom in the closet, and propped a chair up to keep him in there. Really? Nice, you guys... So Jake got grounded from the TV for a while today. Poor Tom. He wasn't feeling well anyway, and locking him in he closet didn't help.

We all got ready, and I even had a few extra minutes to work on a Singing Time. They Primary President asked me to sub for 2 months while the real Singing Time lady recovers from having a baby.

I had bought big foamy dice at the dollar tree a while back, and decided to have a game with it. I took a poster board, and drew a line down the middle. One side said "Songs" and one side said "Actions". And I numbered each side from 1-6. And then had a list of songs, and a list of actions. Songs were for the Orange dice, and Actions were for the green dice.

So, I knew that if they were to roll the orange dice and get a 3, and the green dice and get a 2, we'd sing "Follow the Prophet" while standing up. That kind of thing. Eme and Tom helped me with the poster.

And then we headed out to church. And got there 10 minutes early, and our spot was TAKEN! It was Ward Conference, so there were a TON of extra people there today. Sigh. Oh well. We sat in the back, and the kids actually did pretty good.

Kids went off to classes after Sacrament, and I headed to Primary. The game went pretty good, too. Junior Primary didn't have a lot of time, but Senior Primary got to play for quite a while. And I think they all liked it :)

After church, we headed back home. Everyone was in a good mood, and there was no bickering. Wow, it was a miracle. I had Eme and Joe clean out the car, and waited for them to come inside the house, so I could make sure they shut the doors (hehe.)

I made sure everyone changed their clothes, and hung them up, too. Wearing Sunday clothes for 3 1/2 hours does NOT get them dirty, you know :) And then I made food for kids, and my own food, and changed clothes. And Captain America, you'd be happy to know, I even hung them up - LOL! Sure, the bed never got made, but I hung up my clothes! The bed is on my "to do" list...

The kids and I watched a movie, and Jake took the dog for a walk, and then hung out in the dining room. He was very apologetic for his actions, and Tom even thought that he should get to come and watch, but I didn't relent. He should have thought about that this morning. So after the movie, I let him have privileges back.

My in-laws called at some point during the movie, and I chatted with them for about 45 minutes. It was a very nice chat, and made me feel good to know that they were checking on me and the kids.

Eme and I crocheted during the movie, and I eventually got on Facebook and emails for a while. And, while I'm on that subject, THANK YOU so much to everyone for your well wishes and prayers. I know that's why I'm getting through today! You guys are awesome :)

Yeah, I made that head thingy Eme is wearing. It looks better on my head, because my head is bigger. LOL!

And this is Bob the Ball. He was "born" today. ROFL! The kids had a lot of fun making and playing with him. Yeah, it's the cheapest toys that get the most play time, I'm saying...

We watched an episode of Star Trek (where Spock has to fight Kirk in a duel to the death), and then had some quiet time. I really wanted a nap, but it didn't happen. Maybe that's for the best...

My mom called a little later, and we chatted for about 30 minutes. See, everyone loves me today - ha! We talked about phones and summer plans, and thanksgiving/christmas plans. It was a nice chat :)

Do you like the Madagascar movies? Well, my kids do. And over Christmas, Jim decided that he LOVED the Santa Claus is coming to Madagascar song, by King Julian. Yeah, it's HILARIOUS!

And even FUNNIER when Jim sings it!

And then, I asked the kids if they wanted to sing another song, and they wanted to do the "Give Said the Little Stream" song with motions. So of course, I had to jump in too!

And, after having Jim sing Merry Madagascar, we, of course, HAD to watch it. It's now almost 7pm, and once this movie is over, I'm putting kids to bed. For extra reading time, or something. hehe.

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