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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War of the Ancients by Jacob Harty

War Of The Ancients

General Antium was a tall man, with graying hair and a look of total confidence. He was currently in the war room with his right hand man Secroti, who was a short man who was terribly skinny. The general had finally found out how to break the enemy’s best defense. This defense was the great wall of Brator that went around the entire empire of the Crigati, enemy of the Frigor to witch Antium belonged.

General Antium was preparing to make the final blow upon the empire he was at war with. He had finally found a weakness in their great wall. “I found the one weak spot where the stones are wearing away. 100 barrels of that explosive stuff you made should create a hole big enough for our entire army walk into their front door, or at least the front door we made.”

“You know Antium, I made a name for the “explosive stuff”. It’s called malaver and I would appreciate it if used the name I named it.” Secroti said irritably.

“Well then let me rephrase my last sentence then. 100 barrels of that malaver stuff. Satisfied now?” said Antium.

Everything was in position for the attack. The malaver was set up all along the wall in the dead of night. All Antium had to do was give the word and the great wall of Brator that had withstood numerous sieges would fall in one glorious minute. “General, we are in position and await your command.” a corporal said. “Well then corporal, let’s light this candle.” said Antium.

General Blood knuckle of the Crigati was a burly man. He towered above all of his men and there was a general feeling of fear everywhere he went. This was partially because of his size, but the main reason was because of what he did to earn his name. He earned his name by killing a dragon with his bare hands.

Blood knuckles looked over the wall of Brator and laughed. “You’re going to have to do better than that Antium. Come back with about 300 siege engines and you might make a dent in the wall.” called Blood knuckles.

“I don’t need siege engines anymore, I got this.” said Antium. He then filled a pouch full of malaver and threw it into the air. An archer with an arrow that was on fire shot the bag and it exploded. The smug smile on the general’s face disappeared.

“If you look closely you can see that substance on the wall directly where you are standing. If I were you I would get very far away from where you are standing.”

“YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IDIOTS!” screamed blood knuckles. Antium was surprised by this remark by blood knuckles. No matter how surprised he was he had to complete his mission had just given the signal to light the malaver. Antium was sure his enemy was finished, but then blood knuckles jumped off the 300 foot wall. Then he caught fire and erupted in a great ball of fire that was headed for the backup supply of malaver.

“RUN! THE MALAVER IS GOING TO IGNITE!” bellowed Antium. Most of his men were fortunate enough to get to cover, but the slower men were not. As the fire ball hit the ground a deafening explosion occurs. As Antium looks up he sees the burning church as a giant shadowy figure steps out of the flames, cloaked by smoke. “What are you? Show yourself!” demands Antium.

The smoke is blow away by the wind, revealing a giant black dragon, whose black eyes gave off an eerie black glow. “I am Nihilus, the most powerful dragon ever to walk this earth, full of puny men.” said Nihilus. “Nihilus was the name of the dragon blood knuckles slayed” said Antium. “That is what I wanted you to think. Blood knuckles is still alive but only just. He thought he could slay me. I have imprisoned him in an unbreakable cage, in the center of a burning planet frozen in a second of time so that he may burn forever for his insolence.” said Nihilus

“You assumed his shape and took over the empire. Why?” asked Antium. “I wanted to rule this planet. If I were to do this in my real form, the damage inflicted upon the planet would kill it. I want to rule it not destroy it. In this for I can accomplish this.” explained Nihilus. “I cannot allow you to do this. Surrender or die.” commanded the general.

“I pick the third option, DIIIIEEEEE!!!” growled Nihilus. “I figured you might say that so….”Antium said. After he was done talking he hurled a bag full of malaver into the dragon’s throat precisely as the flames were coming out of its stomach. This action cased the dragon to internally explode in a big fiery explosion. Nihilus, the feared dragon was dead.


Shortly after the battle Antium sent out a flag of peace. The Crigati accepted his sign of peace. The spent the rest of the week negotiating the terms of peace. Antium had finally seen it was not the Crigati that he was posing war with, but Nihilus and his corrupt empire. After he realized this, he saw no need to make war with the once peaceful Crigati. After the treaty was made and signed, there was much rejoicing and celebrating. The day that Nihilus was slain, marked the day that 2 nations came together. In honor of this, a holiday was made for this glad day. There was 6,000 years of uninterrupted peace among the 2 nations, until history took its course once more and war was made.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Madagascar, From Jim

Well, I survived the day! And it wasn't too bad. Of course, now tomorrow's gonna be HORRIBLE because I said that, right? hehe. Knock on wood, real fast!

Last night, I tried to watch a movie, but wasn't really into it. At 10pm, I took a sleeping pill, and fell asleep on the couch watching the movie. And went to bed at 11pm. I slept on Captain Americas side of the bed, and only woke up a few times confused - hehe. I woke up with my alarm at 7:30am, and checked on the kids.

Jake and Tom were up and showered, and Jake was getting ready to take the dog on a walk. Eme and Joe and Jim were awake, and I sent Eme to the shower. The little boys were eating Breakfast.

And I decided that I didn't wanna shower. My make up was passable from yesterday, and my hair too. And I was afraid to shower, for fear I would cry. Because historically, the shower is where I cry. It washes away all the tears, and doesn't leave your face red - hehe. Sad that I know that, right? LOL!

Anyway, I pulled my hair back, and decided to leave on my glasses. And picked out a long black skirt, and a long sleeve white/black shirt. And my fuzzy black boot/slippers. Yeah, I was being a rebel today. If I had to go to church without my husband and best friend, I was gonna be compfy! LOL!

And when I came out of my room from getting ready, there was screaming and fighting. Sigh. Jake had somehow gotten Tom in the closet, and propped a chair up to keep him in there. Really? Nice, you guys... So Jake got grounded from the TV for a while today. Poor Tom. He wasn't feeling well anyway, and locking him in he closet didn't help.

We all got ready, and I even had a few extra minutes to work on a Singing Time. They Primary President asked me to sub for 2 months while the real Singing Time lady recovers from having a baby.

I had bought big foamy dice at the dollar tree a while back, and decided to have a game with it. I took a poster board, and drew a line down the middle. One side said "Songs" and one side said "Actions". And I numbered each side from 1-6. And then had a list of songs, and a list of actions. Songs were for the Orange dice, and Actions were for the green dice.

So, I knew that if they were to roll the orange dice and get a 3, and the green dice and get a 2, we'd sing "Follow the Prophet" while standing up. That kind of thing. Eme and Tom helped me with the poster.

And then we headed out to church. And got there 10 minutes early, and our spot was TAKEN! It was Ward Conference, so there were a TON of extra people there today. Sigh. Oh well. We sat in the back, and the kids actually did pretty good.

Kids went off to classes after Sacrament, and I headed to Primary. The game went pretty good, too. Junior Primary didn't have a lot of time, but Senior Primary got to play for quite a while. And I think they all liked it :)

After church, we headed back home. Everyone was in a good mood, and there was no bickering. Wow, it was a miracle. I had Eme and Joe clean out the car, and waited for them to come inside the house, so I could make sure they shut the doors (hehe.)

I made sure everyone changed their clothes, and hung them up, too. Wearing Sunday clothes for 3 1/2 hours does NOT get them dirty, you know :) And then I made food for kids, and my own food, and changed clothes. And Captain America, you'd be happy to know, I even hung them up - LOL! Sure, the bed never got made, but I hung up my clothes! The bed is on my "to do" list...

The kids and I watched a movie, and Jake took the dog for a walk, and then hung out in the dining room. He was very apologetic for his actions, and Tom even thought that he should get to come and watch, but I didn't relent. He should have thought about that this morning. So after the movie, I let him have privileges back.

My in-laws called at some point during the movie, and I chatted with them for about 45 minutes. It was a very nice chat, and made me feel good to know that they were checking on me and the kids.

Eme and I crocheted during the movie, and I eventually got on Facebook and emails for a while. And, while I'm on that subject, THANK YOU so much to everyone for your well wishes and prayers. I know that's why I'm getting through today! You guys are awesome :)

Yeah, I made that head thingy Eme is wearing. It looks better on my head, because my head is bigger. LOL!

And this is Bob the Ball. He was "born" today. ROFL! The kids had a lot of fun making and playing with him. Yeah, it's the cheapest toys that get the most play time, I'm saying...

We watched an episode of Star Trek (where Spock has to fight Kirk in a duel to the death), and then had some quiet time. I really wanted a nap, but it didn't happen. Maybe that's for the best...

My mom called a little later, and we chatted for about 30 minutes. See, everyone loves me today - ha! We talked about phones and summer plans, and thanksgiving/christmas plans. It was a nice chat :)

Do you like the Madagascar movies? Well, my kids do. And over Christmas, Jim decided that he LOVED the Santa Claus is coming to Madagascar song, by King Julian. Yeah, it's HILARIOUS!

And even FUNNIER when Jim sings it!

And then, I asked the kids if they wanted to sing another song, and they wanted to do the "Give Said the Little Stream" song with motions. So of course, I had to jump in too!

And, after having Jim sing Merry Madagascar, we, of course, HAD to watch it. It's now almost 7pm, and once this movie is over, I'm putting kids to bed. For extra reading time, or something. hehe.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movies in 2010

Here's my list of movies that I've watched that came out in 2010. Click HERE for a website telling ALL the 800+ movies released this year.

Leap Year
The Spy Next Door
Extraordinary Measures
The Tooth Fairy
Sherlock Holmes
When in Rome
Dear John
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief
Valentine's Day
Halo Legends
Scooby Doo: Abracadabra-do
The Ghost Writer
Alice in Wonderland
Remember Me
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Bounty Hunter
How to Train Your Dragon
The Last Song
Clash of the Titans
Date Nite
The Back-up Plan
The Losers
Furry Vengeance
Iron Man 2
Letters to Juliet
Robin Hood
Shrek Forever After
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
The Karate Kid
Toy Story 3
Jonah Hex
Knight and Day
Grown UPs
The Last Airbender
Despicable Me
The Sorcere's Apprentice
Ramona nad BeezusSalt
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Charlie St. Cloud
Vampires Suck
Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
The Switch
The A-Team
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole
The Social Network
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hondo Pass Ward Talent Show

Hey everyone :) Hope your weekend is going well so far :) Mine was pretty good. I slept in until around 8am, but was wishing for longer. I'd gone to bed at almost 1am. But it was enough. I came out and hung with the kids for a while.

Then we turned off electronics, and cleaned for a while. Everyone had to get their chores done and their rooms cleaned before they could earn back electronics privileges. Jake and Tom went to do their rooms, and Eme and Joe and Jim did their chores. Then Eme and Joe went to do their rooms, and eventually Jim did his room. Jake got done first.

I organized the sheet/towel closet, and the upstairs closet, and the above the washing machine/dryer shelf. And the game closet. Yeah, it was a lot of organizing. Not too bad :)

I should have spent a little time doing my laundry, but I didn't. ha! I did do 2 or 3 kid loads of laundry, though...

In the middle of cleaning, I got a phone call from Captain America! It's been the first real conversation we've been able to have since he went to the field. We've texted briefly, but that's about all. We chatted for about 50 minutes, and it was SO nice. I sure do miss that boy...

I got the kids lunch, and we watched some TV together. Then I took a VERY short nap, but my brain wouldn't turn off. So I eventually got up, and put on my workout clothes, and went for a jog. But yeah, I wasn't really feeling it. I did one lap around the neighborhood, plus a little bit more, but didn't jog the whole time. It was a total of 20 minutes workout, maybe 10 minutes of jogging. Maybe. hehe. I didn't wanna push it too much, though.

Kids were all finished with their chores, and played on electronics for a while, and at around 3pm, I put a lasagna casserole in the crock pot. I'd never cooked it that way, and I was hoping that it would turn out.

1 LARGE jar of spaghetti sauce
2 LARGE containers of cottage cheese
1/4 cup parmesean cheese
1 defrosted package of spinach
1 box whole wheat noodles
Garlic powder
Onion Powder
Italian Seasonings

Mix all together in bowl, add 1/2 cup water, pour into crock pot, shred cheese on top, cook on high for 2-3 hours.

I showered and got ready for the rest of the day, and it felt SO good. Showers really are good, you know. hehe.

Around 5pm, we started to get everyone else ready too. Shoes and socks and pants and such. Because I didn't want my kids going to the Ward Talent Show tonight looking like Jimmy does here. ROFL!

And soon we were ready to go. And yes, you CAN cook lasagna casserole in a crock pot. It turned out fabulous :)

Pics of the fam RIGHT before walking out the door. Jimmy giving himself bunny ears. ROFL!
Eme and I
Tom and I
Eme and Joe
Tom and his popcorn
So we left the house around 5:30pm, and headed over to the church. AND, since there's a Howdy's on the same street as the church, I felt I deserved a 64 oz Diet Dr Pepper. ROFL! If I was gonna have to take 5 kids to a ward activity all by myself, then I needed a "hit" of caffeine. ha!

Here's me with my "fix"
And on to the church. We dropped off our crock pot, and found seats. The little boys played ring around the rosie in the center of the gym with the little kids, and the big kids sat with me at our table. There were a TON of people there.

Tom and Eme and Joe got in line, and Jake and Jim and I guarded our places. Me "guarding" my soda...
After Tom got to the VERY front of the line, Jake and Jim and I jumped in with him. I know, I know, line cutters. hehe. I grabbed some pulled pork and a piece of pumpkin pie. I'd eaten dinner already at home, but purposefully didn't have dessert JUST so I could have it at the party.

We were supposed to bring crock pot dinners, rolls/bread, and pies. There was a TON of food, but a TON of people too. I don't think there was any food left at the end...

Anyway, here's Tom with his food
Eme and her food
Jim and his food
Jake and his food. Yeah, he wasn't so happy with having to come out and socialize.... grrrr... I know it's important for him to be out and about and around people. But it's not the easiest thing to do sometimes. Because he fights it, and purposefully does things to annoy me, hoping that I'll send him "away" from people.
And me and my pie. Pie that I passed up cupcakes AND my cookies for today. I actually had a cookie in my hand, and put it back, deciding to eat the pumpkin pie later today instead. Because I will only eat 1 dessert a day. Self imposed rule.

And yeah, I LOVE pumpkin pie. But I learned something toinght. I LOVE homemade pumpkin pie. And these were definitely not. These were frozen cooked pies. I'm not crazy about those. The first one I tried was watery. Whaaaat? Pie is NOT supposed to be watery. I had one bite, and gave the rest away. Because I wasn't gonna waste the dessert on something I didn't like.

The line for food was HUGE. I'm so glad that we "cut" in front of Tom. ha! Check it out. It starts at the back door...
goes by the stage...
and cuts up through the center of the gym

and into the overflow area.
As soon as the line died down a bit, the Talent Show started. The first act was a dude playing drums. He was actually pretty good.
And here are the Young Women singing "Peel Bananas" or whatever that song was. The kids thought it was funny.
Jake and I watching the acts
This was definitely the funniest act. This dad and his son hooked up a Wii, and we watched them Dance to it. LMBO! Hilarious!

The kids kept going back up for more pie. hehe. I got a 2nd piece, and it was even worse than the first piece. This one wasn't cooked all the way (soft) and was still hot. Yeah, NOT what I was wanting. I ended up with about 3 bites of pumpkin pie, and 2 bites of cherry pie. Hmpf!

Here's Jimmy with his pie. Well, Jimmys spoon and his pie....
Here we go...
Emeline's Activity Day girls dancing with ribbons to "I'm Walking on Sunshine". It was SUPER cute!

Here's a family doing a Peanut Butter song. Kinda funny :)
And 2 dudes singing and playing the guitar. They were pretty good too.
Yeah, see what I had to put up with. He totally shredded the table cloth when I wasn't looking.... grrrr....
And then they had all the little primary kids come up, and they sang "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam". Tom and his buddy Eston and Joe watching the kids sing.
Jimmy singing
2nd kid from the left
There were 2 more acts left, and I had Jim sit with me for the rest of the time. He was having a hard time keeping focused. hehe. And I realized that he had 2 left feet! Ha!
After the closing prayer, we headed back home. We put on some Muse and the whole car (minus Jake) was signing and using "microphones" and having a good time. Jake was just pretending that we weren't there. ha!

We got home, had family scripture study, family prayer, and Jake and Tom each took a little kid and put them to bed. Eme went to bed, and I grabbed my old laptop, and started blogging. And the boys and I watched a movie. It was pretty fun. But not terribly effective for me. ha! I only got a little bit of the movie, and it took me twice as long to do my blog. But it was together time with the boys, so it was all good.

I texted back and forth with my neighborhood friend, Terra, too. Her hubby is into Civil War like Captain America. We're going to her twins' bday party next weekend, and I'm excited to hang with her! She's a pretty fun girl :)

Here it is, almost 11pm. After the boys go to sleep, I'm planning on watching an episode of Glee and then going to bed too. Church doesn't start until 1230, AND it's "fall back" with Daylight Savings time. So we get an extra hour! Sa-weet! I'm just glad that my cell phone does it automatically for me. I'm terrible with things like that. hehe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emeline!

What a good day it was! I woke up at 6:35am with my alarm, and reset it for 6:55am. Yeah, I was still sleepy. hehe. I woke up then, read scriptures, said prayers, and headed out to help the kids get ready. I got them fed, dressed, ready, and out the door at 7:30am, then went back to bed until 8:30am. I know, I know, I'm making a bad habit of that. hehe.

Oh yeah, but wait! Here's some pics of Eme on her birthday! Happy Birthday, Emeline! Look how cute you are :)

OK, so I wake up at 8:30am, and get ready for the day. Shower, hair, everything. I was going out with Leslie and wanted to look pretty :) I wore my new black sweater from Savers.

I got Jimmy and Jake all ready for the day, and organized, and such, and Leslie came to pick me up, and we headed to Pro Ranch Market. It's this Hispanic Grocery store and more. It's across town, and I had never been there. And it was SO cool. The front looked pretty much like a grocery store, but the meat department was HUGE.

Check out this AWESOME fish display
And then there was a MASSIVE fresh fruit area, and little food shops, and ALL sorts of stuff. Bakery, and restaurant, candies, and deli. It was SO cool :)

Check out the size of these pork rinds. MASSIVE! Bigger than my head!
Look how festive it is! Mom, if you ever come back to visit, I'm TOTALLY taking you here. hehe
AND, there was a Fallas right next door. OMGosh, food AND fun! hehe. AND a Melrose. And one of those clothes store like I found with Maddie. Yeah, I don't remember which store this was in, but check out these SPANDEX pants. They LOOK like Levis. OMGosh!
And I know these are supposed to be "hot" right now, but yeah, I'm not crazy about this style... My age is showing...
Ha! Pick one animal print, me thinks...
So after looking at the clothes store, we stopped back by Pro Ranch Market and got a HUGE cup of fruit to share. Melons and pineapple and grapes. It was pretty good :) Here's me holding the fruit cup.
And me and my DDP!
And Leslie and I, heading back home. But, first a stop at Savers!!! She'd never been, and I can't pass up a chance to go. Especially on One color tag 1/2 of day :) hehe. It was green tag day :)
I found a new pair of jeans, and a few tops and jackets, Leslie found a Hawaiian shirt for her hubby (they're moving to Hawaii - Lucky!), and off we went. She dropped me off at home, and I had lunch with Jake.

And he and I loaded up in the car to go to Dollar Tree. To get a few things for Eme's birthday. We weren't gonna do an official party until Captain America got back from the field, but we were still gonna do something.

We found a few party decorations, and a balloon, and a cake topper, and a few other things.

And we swung by the commissary to get some strawberries and cool whip and cream cheese and ice cream. Only the essentials, you know. And some frozen dinners for dinner. I never buy those, and I figured it would be fun for the kids on Eme's bday to have them :)

After the commissary, we stopped by the bus stop and picked up Jimmy.

And I baked the cake. Strawberry cake in 2 round cake pans. And I cleaned up a little bit, and started on my weekly designing. I was mostly done, just had to repackage some stuff. And the cakes were done, and I totally burned myself while taking it out. Sigh. Freaking hot cake pan...

So because it was Thursday, it was my day to pick up kids from AQ. So I took the Saturn and drove on up and got Tom and Eme and Bella. Here's me, driving to get the kids. TOTALLY forgot I still had on my apron. hehe.

So we came back home, and the kids all did their chores. And the house looked pretty good when they were done. When Leslie's family brought us a desk the other day, Jake took his old desk downstairs. So I put it in place of one of the tables in the dining room where the computers are, and took that table and put it in the laundry room. So now we have a clothes folding table. I hope it works out :) hehe. Better than just putting the clothes on the couch. ROFL!

Anyway, after the cake was cool, I assembled it. I took a package of cream cheese, a carton of cool whip, and a 1/2 jar of strawberry jam, and whipped it. OMHeavens, it looked good. And I spread almost all of it inbetween the 2 layers of cake.

Then frosted it with a can of strawberry frosting. And put sliced strawberries on it. And put the cool decorations from the Dollar Tree on it. Doesn't it look pretty?
And here's Eme with her cake.
And then Jake and Tom had Hunter and Braxton (Leslie's kids) came over to play, since all the chores were done. And the boys played computers or whatever it was they were doing. And Eme had Bella (Veronicas daughter) come over to play. We had 8 kids in the house. But you know what, they were all playing with each other, so no one needed me to enterain them. Ha!

Here's Eme and Bella before we had cake.
And all my kids, and Bella, and Braxton and Hunter.

And we sang to Eme
And she blew out her candles
And look! I even had some cake. OMHeavens, it was good. I could have eaten ALL the filling. hehe. AND I even had some ice cream. Black Raspberry Chocolate Bryers ice cream. Oh yeah...
And then Bella left for her Soccer game, and my kids played with Hunter and Braxton for a long time. Tom and Joe and Jim went to the front yard for a while to play, and everyone was happy, for the most part. I finished my weekly work of designing, and got my products into the store, and such.

And at 7:30ish pm, I put the kids to bed. And sent the company home. And we read scriptures (for last night too, since I forgot...), and said prayer, and then everyone was asleep.

And then I tried on my new clothes from Savers! What do ya think?

And Jake and I watched a movie, The Village, and I grabbed my old laptop, and blogged and designed a freebie. And it really was a good day. I did forget to take my Prozac until 8pm. Yeah, that's not good. Hopefully I sleep tonight. hehe. I need to set an alarm on my phone to remember to take it. Around noon. Maybe I'll do that once I finish up with this.